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Sep 14 2009

We were nominated for a Shine A Light Award!

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Sep 08 2009

Feeling the animator’s hand in the work

At the studio, I was looking over the shoulder of Kali. She was doing some great work hand animating the shadows created by wrinkles in fabric of one of my characters. I thought about how CG animation has all these very creative people working, but the very medium removes this kind of personal artistic interpretation of how a shadow should fall.

John Lennon was asked once:
When you record, do you go for feeling or precision?

I like both, but I go for feeling.

When I watch a Bakshi, Nick Park, Selnick, Peter Chung piece, I can see their hands in the work. Though I love Nemo and some of the other Pixar and Dreamworks animation, it is the story I’m engaged with. The writing is great. Editing precise. Pacing near perfection. The characters well conceived and excellently acted, but I can’t see the animator’s hand in the work. There is some element of feeling missing. There is a sterility that bothers me. I remember someone saying that modern CG animation is more akin to puppetry or marionettes, but in those traditional versions the hand is so directly tied to the movement the humanity is readily apparent.

I’m not saying there is a lack of artistry in CG. On the contrary, there is so much art and creativity that goes into the process and some of the top animators are working in this form yielding incredible imagery.

Your thoughts?

Sep 04 2009

We’re in the September issue of Film & Festivals Magazine

Strange Frame and I are featured in the “Reel People” section of September’s Film & Festivals Magazine. I encourage you to check out the magazine.

If you want to order a print-on-demand copy I suggest you do it by Monday as they are still offering 20% off the usual price until then.

You can also join Film & Festivals Magazine’s FB group

Sep 01 2009

Swine Flu and others

Almost my whole crew
has gotten the swine flu.

We’re a little behind schedule, but hope to make it up soon. Kali is coming in for extra hours this week and I’m getting about 5 seconds of screen time done each day that I can focus on animating.

Daniel is making a great documentary about our process here within the context of the Big Island. Hope to have it up here next week.

Recent Reviews

“In the current climate of parody, pastiche, re-hashing, re-booting and recycling of films, it is so refreshing to see a film as unique, original and enjoyable as Strange Frame...a rare film: inspiration by other forms is noticeable, but it is not merely repetition or homage. It is a dreamscape, one that does not shy aware from the ugly, yet celebrates the beautiful.” - Shelagh M. Rowan-Legg, Twitch Film

"probably one of the most visually riveting movies released in recent years. The energy and beauty of the animation, and the strength of its vocal performers (particularly Curry, who is the definitive voice actor for flamboyant evil) keep this story of love up among the stars." - Adam Mohrbacher, FilmMonthly

"It’s thrilling, sexy, entertaining due to it’s massive amount of music and visual stimulation, but more importantly, a story that has a deep meaning and a refreshing plotline. This film has cult classic written all over it.” - AJ Garcia, Shakefire

“Some films are instant cult classics the minute they appear. G.B.Hajim's STRANGE FRAME is one such film.” – Heather Massey, The Galaxy Express

"Not since WIZARDS have I enjoyed a rock musical with animation this much. Speaking of animation the characters are exquisite…The smooth flow of this cutting edge film is more than sci-fi animation – it is an experience not to be missed." – Jeri Jacquin, Movie Maven

"an electrifying trip for the eyeballs, fully embracing a visual style that, at most, very few films share." - Tyler Foster , DVDTalk

"What the fuck? No really. What the fuck? I must have said that at least twenty times while watching this crazy, visual trip of a film…I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen and will be tuning in again for repeat viewings." – Mike Gencarelli, MediaMikes

"If youʻre a sci-fi fan this a must see…like a vintage issue of Heavy Metal come to life and given depth. The graphics alone could make Strange Frame a head-turner, but then add to it a legendary sci-fi voice cast…it's own beast, and well worth a look if you get a chance.” – Brett Cullum, DVD Verdict

"One could call Strange Frame the best animated motion comic, except that it is not a comic…the combination of the hand-painted, computer assisted animation and CGI results in a very unique look. This will draw in a lot of people, even if they are not drawn in by the story. Personally, I was fascinated with both." – C.S. Strowbridge, The Numbers

"If ever you wondered what a truly unhinged mash-up of the dominant production styles of Heavy Metal, Barbarella and Blade Runner would look like, here’s your chance." – Danielle Riendeau, AfterEllen

"The awesome does not stop….Wildly Inventive" - Tracy Gilchrist, SheWired
"The animation is very much like something out of a dream.” - Alexander Bustos, Comic Attack

“the film excels is with the music…soulful jazz riffs on solo saxophone that will make your heart ache just listening to them.” – Siobhan Greene, Fangoria

“ the visuals are what made this movie. Think 1960's acid trip meets dreamlike anime film and add in a futuristic space setting. At the start of the movie, you feel overwhelmed by how much is going on at once. Then, once you realize Hajim knows exactly what he's doing with all of these elements, it's easy to sit back, relax and let the story take the wheel.” -Jade Salazar, Tagg Magazine

“the movie goes out of its way for its consumers. It has danceable songs, spaceships, nipples, clever dialogue…it is not only a Blade Runner movie but also an A Star Is Born movie…” - Jason Rohrer, Stage and Cinema

“just what the doctor ordered” - Karman Kregloe, Huffington Post

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Parker, a saxophonist, leaves a comfortable life to play music in dangerous Ganymede City. Rioting breaks out and a debt slave named Naia escapes and then rescues Parker from one of the regime’s thugs. They fall fast in love and form a band. Soon Naia is enslaved again, this time to the deadly stardom of the 28th century. Though down and out, Parker sets out on a quest to free Naia and redeem their love.

"...a dreamscrape..." - Shelagh M. Rowan-Legg, TwitchFilm

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